When We Plastinate Our Existence

A progress, alas, built on, a lost cause
Could, ‘cruder’ be, our, flair’s satire
The clay, we forsook, for plastikos
Binded us, beyond, this polymer!

It had, seemed to be, substance, of our dream
It molded, to myths, our ambition
With a, toxic truth, we shall, one day, redeem
Paying, heavy price, of our evolution!

It, does not die, in a, thousand years
Stains, our ethos, weakens, our veins
In this, chemistry, of, faith and fears
Residue of, lasting, rot remains!

Under, burden, of, 10 billion tonnes
We’ll be, lost, without, an evidence
We will, live in, death’s dimensions
When We, Plastinate, Our Existence!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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