When Quran You Burn

Which clan, celebrates, not faith, but fear
Why blazes, rage, in every, edgy street
How a scripture, stirred up, their despair
Who’re, mere tombs, of their, pious conceit!

How hate, can rest, where east, meets west
Two ethoses, don’t add, to one
Every day, is a, faith and fear’s, conquest
With spite, its, lasting dimension!

Why resurrect, those, long-lost crusades
Throbbing truths, of, our heritage
From, fiestas of, fanatic tirades
Are born, new battles, of outrage!

For some, a diktat, for some, faith
You never, earn, what you, never learn
You choose, to be, a spineless wraith
In, Fair Of Fear, When, Quran You Burn!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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