Mutinies In Mind

Lord bless, that ruthless, restlessness
Renaissance, of, a firefly
When phantoms, play, tempestuous chess
In the sanctum, of faith’s, holy lie!

Done, with the, banal rites, of day
I seek, nirvana, deep within
In the throes, of thoughts’, fiery melee
Without virtue’s, fear, where bare, is sin!

When dilemmas, end in, enigmas
Eternal torment, seems, every quest
I slough thru, gore of, slain stigmas
To find, never ends, this angst’s conquest!

Where heart, seeks, soul in, trinity’s tryst
Rosary, of life, lay intertwined
I am, my misery’s, Alchemist
Who Lives, Every Breath, Mutinies In Mind!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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