… Where Romas Lost Their Caravan

There was, no land, for the, banished ones
Or was, whole world, made their nation
How to gage, their, ethnic dimensions
Who linger, on ration, of oblivion!

Untethered, from sacraments, of history
Pilgrims, of an, endless pilgrimage
Beads of, time’s, broken rosary
Strewn, all o’er, age, of outrage!

Unwelcomed, by, stark estrangement
“Ciphers, sans state! You’re apostates”
They laugh away, with, chagrin spent
O’er, destiny, ignominy, creates!

Ever chasing, a shadow, they can’t see
Of an, ethos, that, never ever, began
There ended, their ethnic, chemistry
Where Romas, Lost, Their Caravan!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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