A Black Graffiti On A White-Washed Wall

Since, propagandas, are colorblind
And politics, plays with, all the shades
A Black soul, snared, in a, White man’s mind
Doesn’t embody, all, Black crusades!

Black existence, searches, ethos
It lost, many, ages ago
That pain, still lingers, as pathos
Like, Black ink, of, White Angelo!

A tomb, of, White, tokenism
This Black woman, lives, her pipedream
Which betrays, truth of, racism
And blasphemes, faith of, Black esteem!

Black pawn, in the, hands of, White politics
Fails to, Black-wash, slavery’s recall
How can, eclipse, fear’s, ethnic epics
A Black Graffiti, On A, White-Washed Wall!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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