There Is No Solace But In Storm

Was cradle, shrine of faith, ever
And fear, of end, my final tomb
I am, the angel, and lucifer
Born from, the same, enigma’s womb!

When persistent, pursuit, of peace
Is the, ‘Holy Grail’, of existence
Life’s litany, tangled, in rosaries
Can’t break free, yet, of, sin’s substance!

Why mermaids, bathe in, trinity’s gore
To baptize, in, time’s, twilight-tryst
Why a, thirsting ethos, waits for war
For a fist, of poise, after, hate’s heist!

A life, ain’t life, without, a quest
And fear, a rite, our faiths, perform
Peace is, our pain’s, endless conquest
There Is, No Solace, But, In Storm!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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