Chasing Shadows Of The Swans

Where waits the yearning, of the moor
Beside, the cold heart, of the lake
There strays, the bevy, of, l’amour
In the wilderness, about, to wake!

In the riot, of, lovelorn twosomes
My forlorn, fall, has found, solace
Under, parting shades, my yen, becomes
A solemn, song of, last Christmas!

Thru, the meadows, and, the dunes
I, cling on to, their, fleeting trails
A fist, of faith, is worth fortunes
When, in your heart, pain’s fear, prevails!

Where, and, how far, this quest, leads me
Thru, dusks of todays, and, tomorrows’ dawns
I’m. a zephyr, spent, in soliloqiuy
Chasing Shadows, Of, The Swans!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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