It Ain’t My War, It Ain’t My War … !!!

Why I, mime, a satanic satire
Amidst, the relics, of my state
In, every street, war’s hellfire
Slays ethos, of my land, with hate!

Where are, NATO, US, EU, …
All sitting, on the fence, of fear
That brotherhood, would be, hard to sew
Which, Biden’s treason, left, threadbare!

Alas, “NATO” was, Biden’s ruse
To conquer, Russian, Brotherhood
And then, dictate, a political truce
To render, hope of peace, to a rotting, deadwood!

Who vilify, Putin’s, panache, must learn
Russian Brotherhood, never ends, with gore
It ain’t, that late, as my, dogmas discern
It Ain’t, My War, It Ain’t, My War …!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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