A Dream That Died On Monsoon Night

Those riots, that refused, to die
Are, wispy whispers, which remain
The sigh, of a, lingering lullaby
Cradles, not dream, but its, lasting pain!

Still snakes, on windows, aftermath
Of a battle, between, soul and heart
Beyond, a rain, it was, bloodbath
That Mozart, lost to, Bonaparte!

Remembrance, is a, wrinkled bed
I dare, not sleep, on it again
But o’er, shards of, truth, naked
My piety, feels, more than, profane!

I recollect, my, surrogate thoughts
From the, colosseum, of a, martyr’s rite
In the wasteland, of, forget-me-nots
A Dream, That Died, On Monsoon Night!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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