Rosetta Of Human Sin-Drome

Beyond, the quest, of universe
Our conquest, lingered, deep within
We too, are ones, with a, myriad ciphers
In search, of our, unsolved, origin!

Have we, at last found, our tangled truth
In the beads, of a, helical rosary
Lay bare, to bone, our verve, our ruth
In Profoundest, Organic, Chemistry!

Are we, mere, organic robots, then
Encoded, by, our evolution
So, what is, our, intellectual ken
Beyond, a Nucleic, Resolution!

Our Mega-lith, or, our Mega-myth
Was the, intrigue, in our, chromosome
Unlocked to us, by, life’s locksmith
Rosetta, Of, Human Sin-Drome!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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