… To Where I Belong

I, the caravan, of, my destiny
The child, who lost, his lullaby
To an, artless, urchin’s litany
Now a man, who loves, to live, life’s lie!

That village, is a, blurred reminiscence
Which cradled, dreams, of perpetuity
Unbeknown, existence, is transience
A cipher’s, pilgrimage, to infinity!

After crossing, many, distant lands
Only estrangement, seems, permanent
I am, a wandering, tomb, that stands
O’er, stagnant river, called, “present”!

Then, why is, this, misery, to be
One, with the soil, of, that last furlong
Where once, life began, its end’s journey
To Love, And Long, To Where, I Belong!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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