A Fistful Of Metaverse

Where virtual, is the, only real
Real, ain’t real, if not, digital
In e-volution, of, life’s ritual
e-xistence, is, meta-physical!

Who shredded, us to, bytes and bits
Racing thru, data-lanes, to, nowhere
Our, new world, is made of, two digits
We are, Messiahs of, our digital flair!

Since, transistors, found, a quantum form
Infinite, seems, e-very prospect
Present is, spent past, future is, new norm
We’re prisoners, of, our intellect!

In, our quest, to exceed, the infinity
Are we, just, one of, its mortal ciphers
Who’ve founded, their, new divinity
A Fistful, Of, Metaverse!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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