Making Love With A Wild WILD Wind

Neither Sirocco, nor Loo, nor Chinook
With a, blizzard’s streak, zephyr’s mystique
She sneered, at me, on her tenterhook
“Dare you, care, for a, flirty hide-and-seek”!

Bare, to the bone, in, rusting noon
We smoldered, in, time’s endless rage
Sun’s tears, baptized, that love-monsoon
Which blessed, two souls, on, one pilgrimage!

Whose sonnet, echoes, in my thoughts
To my, heart’s, profoundest estrangement
In my wasteland, bloom, forget-me-nots
Where we, now lay, unquenched, unspent!

That heart ain’t heart that has not yearned
That soul ain’t soul that never sinned
I found, new nerve, with the vein, I earned
Making Love, With A, Wild Wind!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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