A Wasteland Weaved With No Man’s Gold

Never ends, nor should end, this mirage
It ain’t, the oasis, that I seek
But the, myriad miles, of bliss’s barrage
Shrouded in, a misty, myth’s mystique!

Who baptized, this, “Grand Nothingness”
Where, searches heart, soul’s deepest truth
Here, faith blesses, with, fear’s caress
Oasis, of joy, in abyss, of ruth!

In the, soothing shades, of smoldering dunes
Baptized by, the rains of, tears of suns
Tantalized, by the, flirting, mists of moons
A forlorn fief, finds, love’s dimensions!

Where ends, death’s mirage, life’s, oasis begins
Spring, of nirvana, that a heart, can’t hold
A sum of, mystery’s, sublime sins
A Wasteland, Weaved With, No Man’s Gold!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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