This World Is A Herd Of Cowards

We’ve fortified, our bubble, of myth
Our newfound, faith, our existence
O’er remnants, of, truth’s megalith
Our profound, fear, in every sense!

Don’t damn, aloud, someone, may hear
Love Gays, Feminists, … your soul, resents
Political Correctness, is the cross, we bear
We’re the sum, of our, sinful sacraments!

Condemn, to, shame, their lunacy
Renegades, who dare, your servitude
For a, spineless society’s, legacy
Trample to, dust, heretic fortitude!

Who live, intellectual, inertia
Are the, naked kings, of their, blind boulevards
Where chicanery, is, cherished chutzpa
This World, Is A, Herd Of Cowards!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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