On The Pilgrimage Of A Long-Lost Age

New mushrooms bloom, from the dust, of the pasts
Which, dare to loom, baring, time’s creed
Change, is the, only truth, that lasts
Beyond, bounties, of, holy, history’s seed!

These, towering tombs, of, clay and time
Where, trysts trinity, with the, same streak
As panache, finds, its, profound paradigm
Of caravans, lost in, myths’ mystique!

Why lust, to death, truth of, time-less-ness
Shrouded in, our, substance, of sin
How many, rainbows, did, heavens bless
That lay, now in, lost time’s, coffin!

How many, more, eons, of inertia
Will weather, world’s, vanity’s, village
Thru the, time’s, decadent, dystopia
On The Pilgrimage, Of A, Long-Lost Age!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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