… When The Cradle Calls

Lost beads, of Moses’, rosary
Strewn, all o’er, world’s oblivion
Where broke, the vein, of history
Had, this pilgrim’s, self-search, begun!

Ten tribes’, without, ain’t it, complete
The ethos, of this, Promised Land
Israel looks, for, traces of, their feet
Who left, faint trails, in, time-worn sand!

Ashers, Dans, Ephraims, Gads, Issachars,
Manassehs, Naphtalis, Reubens, Simeons, Zebuluns
Found shreds, of the soul, of a, mother’s prayers
In India’s, Menashes, Afghan Pashtuns, …!

Banished brethren, must make, their way, home
In the quest, of the, Wailing Wall’s, recalls
Why fear, The Judgement Day, Shalom, Shalom, …
When, The Cradle, Calls !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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