Bullets Sell Cheaper Than Sells Bread

Which creed, embodies, our ethnic need
‘Holy’ hostilities, that, we create
Or the grain, we breed, from soulful seed
Of love, beyond, heritage of hate!

One shreds, the heart, and rusts, in gore
The other, nurtures, hope of existence
Baked in, furor of, enigmas, galore
This metaphor, deciphers, our life’s substance!

The death, that squirms, in restless gun
Don’t wake it, lest, bad blood, it shed
Of a, mother, mourning, her martyred son
She suckled, him, her soul, shred by shred!

Bloodlust, is, greater, than hunger
Fear reigns, supreme, where faith, is dead
In bazaars, of, Political Blood-Barter
Bullets Sell, Cheaper, Than Sells, Bread!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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