Never Ends Élan Of ‘Endurance’

Truth spills, like wine, when talks, dead wood
About the quest, of men, who drowned
In the depths, of passion, which withstood
The trials, of a, conquest profound!

For the calling, of, grim wilderness
Where lay, the glory, of these men
Broke free, fortitude, from fear’s, duress
When faith, avowed, “Amen, Amen …!”

‘Endurance’ was, least of, a ship
More of, a dream, of, defiant heart
That leader, is worth, more than, worship
Who was, a brute, bigger, than Bonaparte!

Who failed, to win, Antarctica
Triumphed, in the battle, of existence
Lives on, beyond time, faith’s chutzpa
Never Ends, Élan Of, ‘Endurance’ !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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