How I Pine To Be Your Poetry

Redemption, is not, what I seek
But a, boundless bondage, with my bard
Betrothed, to your, meandrous mystique
Strays my, silent sigh, in your boulevard!

Baptize me, by your, words today
For a, dying dream’s, cherished rebirth
Thru the mutiny, of your, mind;s melee
May your heart, be my, only hearth!

Do dare, to bare, a woman’s heart
Love’s sanctum, miles, deep down, my skin
On his, muse’s flesh, feast’s my Mozart
As he inks, with my blood, last symphony, of sin!

Beyond, conjecture, of your, literature
Make me, your misery’s, rhapsody
For my, faith’s myth to, outlast my fear
How I, Pine To Be, Your Poetry … !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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