When Spills The Holy Grail Of Love

Freeze, the heart of loch, still, swans will play
With, smoldering soul, and, seething skin
Lest love, melt in, lust’s, mean’ melee
Of, unforgiven bliss, forgiven sin!

They wait not, for, spell of monsoon
Who want, to drench, in, passion, ‘profane’
In, spent sacrament, they, squelch and swoon…
Baring, bane and pain, of, seminal stain!

Two rosaries, tangle, helplessly
Like, two hearts, stitched, into, one psalm
There’s nirvana, beyond, this spree
After, phallic furore, a clitoral calm!

The tide, that rose, from, mermaid’s heart
Is an arrow, now, in the, heart, of a dove
Bonaparte, becomes, muse of Mozart
When Spills, The Holy Grail, Of Love

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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