In The Tangle Of Time’s Déjà Vu

There ain’t, an enigma, as age
The measure, of wisdom, in time
Every passage, ends in, pilgrimage
Life is, an estrangement, sublime!

With trinity, in this, timeless tryst
Present, past, future, dissolve in one
There ain’t, a greater, Alchemist
Than our, existential, dimension!

When I, meet myself, in this, endless maze
A known stranger, is, whom I find
Tethered to, the tomb, of yesterdays
Present, ain’t, that aware, future ain’t, that blind!

Why, we love to, regurgitate
Same inertia, of, life’s ‘virtue’
To flirt, with faith, gamble, with fate
In The, Tangle Of, Time’s Déjà Vu!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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