Between B-itler, P-itler And Z-itler

Looms legacy, of that, perestroika
That tore, the Soviet dream, to shreds
As we witness, showdown, of troika
Of a, vain clan, at loggerheads!

It takes, you brinkmen, to complete
A tragedy, worth, history’s epic
No one can, see through, your deceit
Ain’t, your bloodbath, ethnic relic!

Is conquest, creed of, ‘boldest’ hearts
Who, dare us, to, our oblivion
Why Mozarts, lick dust, not Bonapartes
Is peace, cowardice, war, its redemption!

When, they’re done, with war, war, done with them
They’ll bargain, with blood, peace’s, pious charter
To be torn, to shreds, for, a new mayhem
Between B-itler, P-itler And Z-itler !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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