Whose Flag Flutters On My Isles !

The Black men’s, blood, and, Brown men’s, sweat
Still linger, in their, estranged sand
Lest, the British fret, least, we forget
Who is, the raider, of, whose land!

Who sold, Black ethos, to White lust
Our history’s hearths, where we, farmed our dreams
They can’t, trample, our right, to dust
Who’ve lost, one by one, all their, ruthless regimes!

On this, Valentine’s day, truest love, I found
My heart, still throbs, in that, lost village
Where, my,existence, was once, razed to ground
How profound, is this, pilgrimage!

I dared, to raise, my soul’s, battle-cry
Heard, loud and clear, o’er, miles and miles …
Shredding politics, of their, colonial lie
Whose Flag, Flutters, On My Isles!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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