Recalls Of Those Lovelorn Falls

That zephyr, still wanders, in the moor
Where, we once, awed at, swans at bay
Whispering, to hearts, rites, of l’amour
Kindling, two souls, in, mirth’s melee!

Still strays, in wild, that forlorn song
Those swans, had hidden, in their heart
What a sacrament, is to, love and long
Who knew it, better, than Mozart!

There was, no world, beyond our trysts
When timeless, seemed, our escapades
Lo, and behold, Love-Alchemists
Spent, in time’s throes, those renegades!

What was, sin’s spree, is faith’s, fear now
Love’s, a graffiti, waning, on vanity’s walls
Yet, a yearning, redeems, our Valentine’s vow
With Recalls, Of Those, Lovelorn Falls!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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