Enigma Of Identity

The ‘Indistincts’, don’t they, exist
In the, precincts of, ‘Egoists’ League’
Since seeded, in atoms, Alchemist
Individuality’s, endless, intrigue!

From Big Bang, to, its ethnic end
Has cipher, at last, found, it face
We are, ‘something’, when, we transcend
In this universe, triviality’s, race!

There’s infinite, that lay, within
The emptiness, of, matter’s seed
That quirky quark, of, our origin
Still shapes, evolution, of our creed!

‘I’ am, ‘I’, as long, as, ‘I’ am
A form, with the, purest personality
Existence is, beyond, being’s sham
Enigma, Of, Identity!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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