One Stone That Shook Our Universe

When, space was ether, distance, measured time
O’er, absolute truths’ faith, reigned, intellectual fears
Light, toed the line, of, pasts’, prejudiced paradigm
Mass and Energy, were, estranged peers!

To disrupt, the ‘certainty’, Newton, made us, see
Called, for ‘grit’, not a, juggernaut
Energy-Mass-Space-Time, rhapsody
Redeemed itself, from the prison, of our thought!

How a man, man-ifests, magnificence, of his dream
With, the ‘mutiny’, of his, conjectures
Truth is, more relative, than, we make, it seem
Beyond, the myths, past manufactures!

A nudge, is more, profound, than a jolt
To rid, human herd, of, conviction’s ‘curse’
We long waited, for, that ‘Rational Revolt’
One Stone, That Shook, Our Universe!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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