The Only Fat Man Of Pyongyang

“Sweeter than spite, there is, no bread”
He swore, as he, washed down, with champagne
Caviar, from his, sinful, scrumptious spread
Whilst, famished Koreans, squirm in pain!

Stomachs, feel no more, but, the guts, ache now
Mothers, suckle blood, to the, Korean dream
Kim raises, stakes, of his, vicious vow
With a diktat, “Sigh, but, do not scream”!

An ethos, lost, in the prison, of past
Resents, its faith, in a, dynasy’s fear
Whilst, world watches, its hate, aghast
A prejudice, fueled, by a, pride, nuclear!

How many, more, millions, will die,
By the, malice of, Kim family’s fang
Ask the, soul of, sinful samurai
The Only, Fat Man, Of Pyongyang!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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