Lest We End The Eden Of Our Age

A million years, worth, earthly toil
As man evolves, lay spent, in vain
Love’s seed, sown in, faith’s fertile soil
How come, bears now, fruitions of pain!

Our evolution, melts, earth’s ethos
Stains substance, of, her elements
Man’s magnificence, is but, a lost cause
A sum, of his, cherished sacraments!

The moaning moor, the wailing wood, the sighing sea
And the miasma, we made, of air
Spell the misery, of, that legacy
We leave, for the future, of disrepair!

How long, will last, our existence
And this, planet, raging in outrage
We’ll be left, no more, than an evidence
Lest We End, The Eden, Of Our Age !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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