I Don’t Know … Why … !

Who squirms, to leap out, of my skin
Redeem, my satanic, metaphor
When begin, fests, and fiestas, of sin
I find, that me, at, someone’s door!

The herd, whose fear, safeguards its faith
Awaits always, conquest, of the two
Lest, I resurrect, their figment’s wraith
They find, fear is faith’s, only true virtue

When I leave, blood-trails, law seeks outlaw
To fortify, mythos, of a, spent ethos
Whilst I flirt, with the fury, of my, cherished flaw
In my play, of passion, and pathos!

Dare you ask, why, I dread, my stark shadow
Can’t, divinity defy, sin’s, satanic lie
Why, I chose, to be Nero, not hero
Who sings, to life, death’s lullaby
I, Don’t Know, … Why … !

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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