I Dissolve In Time Every Day

In the, mystic’s hand, time’s stony skull
Divines, the dimensions, of world
Life squirms, each day, in death’s cradle
In a herd, of thoughts, a reverie blurred!

A fistful, of, termite-tunnels
How dare, I see, my destiny
Sun soars, still, yet, not kindles
A man, caged in, life’s litany!

It ain’t, straight lane, as I, once thought
But, a ‘sin-ical’, chronic curvature
The faith, I feared, the God, I fought
In my life’s, endless, conjecture!

At last, it’s twilight, to bare, and hide
In the, dark paradox, of life’s melee
Amidst, life’s truths, my my-ths, lie belied
I Dissolve, In Time, Every Day!

© 2022 Vikas Chandra

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