A Treaty On A Toilet Roll

Were, those moments, worth, our mementos
What we, bartered not, for a, better world!
Price of peace, pawned o’er, vicious vows
Political promises, can’t be, more absurd!

Why we wait, at crossroads, of, history’s myths
Every milestone, seems, a prized compromise
Past’s tombs, time left, are, present’s megaliths
With a, new panache, shouting old lies!

They deterred, no war, nor misery, so far
All rot, in yellowing, papery shroud
Deepens more, never fills, history’s scar
Whilst we, leave our ethos, disavowed!

Yet statesmen, love to, sign, kiss and seal
While states, pay the torment, of its toll
Ethnic anguish, of a, political deal
A Treaty, On A, Toilet Roll!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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