The Mother Teresa SIN-DROME

The saint, who, Christened Cadavers
Still haunts, holy yard, of, “Tomb of Joy”
Still lingers on, her, ‘Satanic Verse’
“Many Souls, Are Left, To Crucify”!

First henchwoman, of, The Vatican
But not, the last, who sells, faith’s fears
“Lest you, never ever, see heaven
Baptize, to the clan, of, ‘Blessed Ciphers’!”

Such frail, is this faith, so insecure
Its Crusaders, strive to, convert more
With, Freed Soul’s Lie, and, Free Bread’s Lure
“Christ, won’t survive, unless we score”!

White Vatican, Buys, With Black Booty
Fodder, of, Catholic Colonialism
Pope fulfills, his, Holy Duty
Protecting, Pedophile Priests’, Fiefdom!

“Score More, To Win, Snooty Sainthood
Seed in, every soul, Christ’s chromosome”
There rots, Faith’s Tomb, Passion’s Cross, where stood
With, Mother Teresa, SIN-DROME !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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