When Dragon Damned Pillar Of Its Shame

Lo, and behold, Soclalistic Fear!
Of the, lasting tomb, of democracy
Communism’s cross, who love, to bear
Live the lunacy, of their, legacy!

Who rots, in the cradle, of its birth
Enigma of, long-dead, ‘Soviet Dream’
Has found, in China, its, vicious worth
In the faith, of a, Fascist Regime!

Who contend, “Failed Tiananmen”
Why fear, its, fearless satire
Demolish truth, Jinping’s, henchmen
For the myth, of, Communist Quagmire’!

Who baptized, Tiananmen, with gore
Set a, revolution’s, firestorm, aflame
Stirred, seditions of, soul, galore
When Dragon, Damned, Pillar Of, Its Shame!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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