We Dared To Bare The Soul Of Sun

‘Fall of Icarus, seems, a satire
Fervor, needs neither, slings, nor wings
To stir, the cold heart, of fire
With the, sum of, all our, cosmic flings!

It raged there, several, billion years
Feeding, life’s farm, wih faith and fear
Yet lingered, afar, human frontiers
An enigma, we awed at, with a prayer…!

…Until, we defied, dread, of an age
With a pilgrimage, to that, inferno
Which is, indeed, to our outrage
Is benign, more than, our fear’s shadow!

We devoured, its mystiques, layer by layer
Beyond, our dogmas’, dimension
To found, new, ‘Solar Souvenir’
When We Dared, To Bare, The Soul Of Sun!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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