Lest Ukraine Appease Russian Disease

“Greater, is grandeur, of your tumor
Lingering legacy, of, non-existence”
Ukraine dares, to cure, Russian cancer
Albeit, with, American insolence!

“How you, dare dismiss, our history’s truths”
Putin, blabs Bible, of Soviet lies
“We decide, our truths, at polling booths”
Ukraine learnt, well, “Democracy defies…”!

Ukraine, has severed, its ethos
Like its, birthday cake, with a, NATO knife
With no pathos, for its, ethnic loss
A new nation, squirms for, liberated life!

Let its soul, be baptized, by its, heart’s bloodbath
Pride matters, more than, bargained peace
Redemption is, revolution’s, aftermath
Lest Ukraine, Appease, Russian Disease!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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