Shooting Stars On Lonely Nights

What shimmers, amidst, the cosmic dust
The fleeting trails, of, stray phantoms
As though, night’s kites, lost in, wanderlust
Find freedom, in, mystic mayhems!

Many miles, away, from civil glitz
Plays out, fiesta, of real realms
Lo, and behold! Beauty, of blitz
Our wispy, world, which overwhelms!

How much, can hold, my flyspeck-fist
The behemoth, of my, estrangement
With myself, in this, wonderous tryst
Heart yearns, to burn, whilst soul, is spent!

Lest the trance, ever end, in my, starry eyes
O’er tomb, of truth, where myth, delights
With the, fiery faith, of the fireflies
Shooting Stars, On, Lonely Nights!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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