Faith’s Thousand Funerals With Fear’s Requiem

When faith flirts, in all, fineries of fear
The chasms, between, the two realms, blur
In freedom-harem, of a, mad mutineer
Souls farm, eternal bliss, from the, seeds of cipher!

A Prophet! Pariah! A Mystic! Messiah!
Who led them, to their, “Promised Land”
Or his, “Kingdom of, Holy Inertia”
Where his flock, farmed faith, in fear’s quicksand!

Seduced by, the renaissance, of defiance
A herd found, its spine, in a, Spineless Lord
Whose pride, prejudice, was his, faith’s substance
A vain renegade, who, deified discord!

Where’s nirvana, without, karma!
Just, a sepulchral soul, left, to redeem
A stigma, ended, its enigma
Faith’s, Thousand Funerals, With, Fear’s Requiem

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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