The Shroud Of Shame O’er Sin Of Skin

What squirms, in a, 2 yard metaphor
Of love’s beauty, in the, throes of lust
Vanity, revels, redemption, galore
In the fiesta, of an, endless thirst!

Which pride, parades, 2 mammary myths
Hard-sold, by the, smile of seduction
Though, deeper truth,, of these megaliths
Is to dare manhood’s, ‘mean’ conviction!

Entangled, in, poetic pretense
And shades, of grey, o’er, bare canvas
When a woman, wields, her w-in-solence
Men fall, for a glory, inglorious!

Many half-truths, add up, to 2 lies
Like the enigma, of their, origin
Satan, seeks Eden, in ‘divine’ disguise
With Shroud, Of Shame, O’er, Sin Of Skin!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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