The Melting Mirth Of Our Earth

A frozen river, dares, to dissolve
In the insolence, of the, humankind
Is this, how we, learnt, to evolve
Devouring, a dream, lest, we ever, find!

We have sold, every inch, of our existence
To the rat-race, that ends, with extinction
We drown, each day, in our, prized pretense
Since, we found, in carbon, our conviction!

It took, an age, to preserve, life’s gem
In the, cold edens, of nature’s care
To be, lost away, in our, mean mayhem
Development’s myth, and truth, laid bare!

Amidst, forged promises, in climate deals
We sink, In the cradle, of our birth
Lest we last, no more, until it heals
The Melting Mirth, Of, Our Earth!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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