Faith Embroidered In Gore And Gold

That chef-d’œuvre, makes us, believe
In the, beauty, of the, trinity
When threads, of pain, and passion, weave
Our faith, in the fear, of divinity!

O’er, dying day, a shroud, lay strewn
Dissolving worlds, in a, unison
In the fire, of fervency, sewn
Life’s fibre, baptized by, tears of sun!

A forlorn verse, in a, lovelorn heart
A Bonaparte, mourning at, lost war
In requiem, of peace, bled, by Mozart
All stitched, to a, mystic metaphor!

In the throes, of night, a twilight’s dream
An unheard, litany, growing old
What lasts, at last, is what, realms redeem
Faith Embroidered, In, Gore And Gold!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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