… For Fatal Is Fighting With Fate

They break, thru walls, of fear’s fences
Plagued pilgrims, of, their destinies
Lives matter, more than, existences
Lest, it cost, a million mutinies!

“How long, to last, on blood-salted, breads!”
Resents ethos, of a, wounded race
As, political mayhem, tears it, to shreds
‘Angels of Disgrace’, search for, a new face!

Daring, fear’s reign, caravans of pain
For, farms of faith, leave, homes behind
Where estrangement, awaits, dreams vain
“Ain’t, a rootless race, meant, to be maligned!”

Cold cadavers, now, who lost, their way
Beleaguered pawns, of, political stalemate
Better bear, than end, in a, mean melee
For Fatal, Is, Fighting With Fate!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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