In The Cradle Of A Lasting War

A legacy lives, beyond, its stains
O’er, history’s face, graffitied in gore
For the, unspent pain, that still remains
Mankind’s, most cherished, metaphor!

Who cared, who cares, whose son, is lost
In feuds, fought for, politics of pride
More than, ‘martyrs’, mothers, pay the cost
Of, legitimate murders, glorified!

In the, mean, mad-race, of hegemony
Tombstones, are the, only milestones
Baptized, by blood, is the, destiny
Of a world, that’s spurred, by hate’s hormones!

It can’t, be a war, that’s born, to die
More Führers, rise, from fear’s furor
To farm, new hatred, o’er old lie
In The Cradle, Of A, Lasting War!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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