What A ‘Joke’ Is Literature In This World … !

From renaissance, to, decadence
How dear, is the price, of this compromise
From irrelevance, to, insonsequence
Fine art, in World, celebrates, its demise!

To appease, feminism, for a, political point
Is the, new ‘art-ful’, sacrament, these days
For, passive platitudes, watch, World anoint
Feminist creed, stricken with, mean malaise!

Literature, is a, somber caricature
Lost in, dogmas, of hideous herds
Is art, a thoughtless, conjecture
In the, cul-de-sac of, worthless words!

Why trample, on, soul of Voltaire
A legacy lost, to an era, blurred
Is satire, on past, its, last souvenir
What A ‘Joke’, Is, Literature, In This World … !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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