To Kill Black Louts Of White Thoughts

That Mockingbird, ain’t dead, as yet
Each day, at fear’s, altar, faith dies
To resurrect, that, lingering epithet –
“Black Nothingness, justifies, White Lies”!

“Since, Arbery had, ‘long, dirty nails’
How dare, you pronounce him, ‘Black Victim’”
White ‘Saints’’, attorney’s, prejudiced details
Still regurgitates, for Blacks, White Whim!

Same blood, same flesh, still, skin matters
Soul’s sainthood, succumbs to, bigoted eyes
Amidst, genetic verse, and, equator’s curse
Black Defeatism, White Pride, glorifies!

BLM Mayhem, does it help, a lost cause
Or fortifies, doubt, a Black Ethos, shouts
“Why shan’t, I flout, my stark, skin’s flaws
To Kill, Black Louts, Of, White Thoughts”!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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