Colonialism – A Vengeance That Was Never Taken … !

vikas chandra

Won’t, a Black Man spit, at the, White Queen’s, face
Lingering tomb, of, last, lost conquest
Ethnic prejudice, was the pride, of a race
History, still squirms, in that, blood-bequest!

Memories, are short, of servile herds
Who forget, forgive, pain, of the past
The ‘dauntless’ ones, just flirt, with words
As martyrs, gape from, tombs aghast!

Is it dead, or lives, in a, new avatar
Still blacks, are blacks, and whites, are whites
The sins, of skin, still shame, and scar
Some races, by, other races’ ‘rights/rites’?

Evolution failed, to cure, prejudice
Instead, made world, colonial haven
Was it, cowardice, or, amity amiss
A Vengeance, That Was, Never Taken … !

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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