… Whose Relics Last Where Epics Are Lost

vikas chandra

Between vanity, of a, myriad thoughts
And brevity, of a, soulful sigh
Gravity muses, whilst, frivolity shouts
Truth, transcends, levity, of a lie!

It’s a, zephyr’s angst, that stirs, a storm
Not the momentum, of a, mighty wind
It’s the, unsung magpie, with no qualm
Who bleeds, her heart, for souls, that ‘sinned’!

Where begins, the ‘Odyssey’, of Iliad
There ends, the legacy, of an age
Renaissance, is a sum, of myriad
Musings, on, beauty’s pilgrimage!

Time is, the keeper of, creative creed
That earns, birth at, oblivion’s cost
In fear’s, mortal heart, faith’s, immortal seed
Whose Relics, Last, Where Epics, Are Lost!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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