When Pakistan Pimps For Taliban

vikas chandra

May the fear, opiate, the faith, of hate
There are farms, of it, in the hearts, of two lands
Amid, ‘pious’ state, and a, new ‘caliphate’
A lasting tomb, of, insolence, only stands!

From the cradle, of, mean madrasas
To the graveyard, of, jaundiced jihad
A satanic clan, founded, alas
Their fief, of fear, in, faith’s façade!

To prove, legitimate, its illicit son
Pakistan deifies, its, brazen angel
Who rendered, Afghan ethos, undone
Imran, calls it, “A Rational, Radical”!

In this sacrament, of, surrogacy
A villain veils, its, parasitic plan
Yet bares, to the bone, its legacy
When Pakistan, Pimps, For Taliban!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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