The Sacrament Of Estrangement

vikas chandra

A dream. beyond the, ‘heaven’s’ door
How dare, I say, “It is, not mine”
When fear, is, freedom’s metaphor
Faith seems, a sin, almost divine!

When farms, no hope, my “State of Hate”
Life is, an endless, pilgrimage
To the lands, that christen, me “Apostate”
Every breath, beat, thought, rages in outrage!

Who bequeathed, me, ethnic nonexistence
The decay, of, ethos betrayed
Or, lust for, lavish lands, that spare, no pittance
On the, lesser soul, of a “renegade”!

Between two myths, I wait, in hopefuls’ herd
Whom, to reason, who, to resent
This saint, is his, rosary, scattered
With The Sacrament Of Estrangement!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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