The Modern Myth Of Sexual Sin

vikas chandra

To be called, “liberal”, bow down, to them
Messiahs of, love’s, laissez-faire
‘Homo-sapiens’, amidst, ‘Homo-mayhem’
‘Civilize’ their, Star, with sinful affair!

Mean mutiny, of, modernity
Has scattered, seven shades, of sin
The greater truth, of, LGBT
Is the lie, that lies, deep down, our s(k)in!

After, all battles, Clark, fought and won
A war, his son, Jon, seems to, have lost
To the sin, cherished, by a, brazen eon
Of hedonism, at, idealism’s cost!

What was, once veiled, lies, bare to bone
Lust’s striptease, o’er, love’s coffin!
Passion, has found, its, radical hormone
In The, Modern Myth, Of, Sexual Sin!

© 2021 Vikas Chandra

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